Advertisement come from latin word “ad vertere” which means “to turn toward”. Advertisement is a message to promote or sell a product. It is a non personalmessage , not directed to the particular person. It is audio or visual form of marketing communication. Advertisements are usually are sponsored by particular company or businesses who particularly want to promote their product or services. Now-a-days advertisements have become an important part of the marketing world. Advertisements are made so attractive that it must grab the attention of the consumer or other people. Advertising is communicated through various mass media including old media such as newspapers, magazines, television,radio, outdoor advertising or direct mail; or new media such as search results, blogs, websites or text messages. The actual presentation of the message in a medium is referred to as an advertisement or “ad”.

Advertisements are mainly of two type commercial advertising and non-commercial advertising. Commercial advertising is mainly used by companies to increase the sale of their consumer products.For example. Lux cozy, nivea, himalya, patanjali etc. non-commercial ads are those which were used to promote services rather than consumer products. for example: services provided by hospitals, banks, religious organisations or government agencies.


In ancient times egyptians used papyrus (a kind of paper used for writting purposes) for sale or promotion. In china bamboo sticks were used to sell candies. Slowly middle ages began to grow and people were used to recognised the signs or symbols that are related to their needed products like cobbler,watch, goods, utensils etc. vegetables are being sold by street callers who used to announce their products to the customers. In eighteenth century ad world will introduce to printing press which make advertisements easily to print and use. in 20th century AD advertising is dramatically increased in united states for industrialization. Different mediums introduced ;like radio, television, newsier, magazines, internet etc. variouscarreir option came up to the people. It helppeople to know more a more about the product usage.


Advertisement are of four types:-


Pamplets, indoor posters, brochures, gatefold ads, danglers, wooblers, stickers etc.


Posters, hoardings, banners, neon boards etc.


newspaper advertising and magazine ads.


logo or tagline of a company printed on caps, keychians, pens, cups, dairy, bags etc.


The main purpose of advertisement is to promote product to the mass. no of people. Advertisement must be simple creative enough that it can be understood easily by people. It must be attractive enough so that it must impress people to buy that particular product. It creates the good public image of the company in the market. Point out the need of the product and its uses. The main purpose of advertisement is to sell more and more products and to increase the profit of the company.


Advertisement area the powerful enough to fullfill the needs of the society. But still it has some sort of critics. Here are some of the disadvantages of advertising:


It costs high .componaie spent lots of money to advertise their product which effects the cost of the product.. Companies spend thousands of ruppes to advertise their single product but once advertisement published in the market. It cannot be repeated again and a new concept must be used for the next advertisement. Thus it costs high to the unestablished companies.


Some people think advertisement is a wastage of time and money. Advertisements are for limited time it may not be published for longer time as people may get bored by seeing one advertisement again and again. Some people ignores or skip the ads by which the purpose of advertisement will get achieved.


hoardings, banners or neon boards which were being published on main roads are causing distractions for people. Which divert their minds are may cause accidents.


Some advertisers cleverly create misleading impressions of their goods. They did not present the actual image of the product. They present the good image of the product to increase the sale.

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