What is color ?

After reading alot about colors what i got to know about it is Color refers to reflected light which is known as element of art. Whatever we feel about an object, color has an affect over it. Colors can change our mood, it can attract our attention. We usually associate colors with feelings and emotions. Each and every color plays an important role in designing which has its own meanings.

Color Modes

I got to know about 3 main modes of colors that are listed below :


Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

CMYK is chosen for printing purposes.

2. RGB

Red Green Blue

RGB is chosen for displaying or viewing purposes.

3. Lab Colors

L stands for lightness A stands for and B stands for the color opponents green-red and blue-yellow.

How colors plays an important role in designing ?

I read some articles on this topic and i think Color plays a major part in giving your brand a proper face which helps in reflecting your brand. How so ever your brand is presented in public, it will be reflected through colors. And hence color is one of the most important part of a making a brand. Colors of a brand must be so strong that they describes everything about the brand visually. Be it a small brand or a big brand colors should be chosen wisely. When looking at color options for your brand it’s always best to take a look at other brands to get a clear idea on how color schemes play an important part. According to me this is really important.

Meaning of Colors

According to me, different colors have different impacts on the targeted audience for a particular brand.


Hue refers to pure color or we can say hue is primary value of a color which is perceived through our eyes.


Saturation describes the intensity of the color. Colors which appear dull to us are called s desaturated.


Value is the lightness or darkness of color. When black is added to the value its called ‘shades’ and when white is added to the value its called ‘tints’.

Brand Identity Through Colors

As i read quite much about colors , they helps a brand to stand out in crowd. Right choice of color used by a brand can lead to its success while bad choice will lead to the failure. It is analyzed that 33% of brands uses blue color for their brands, 29% uses red, 28% uses black or grayscale, 13% uses yellow. 95% of the brands uses only 1 or 2 colors for their brand and rest 5% uses more then 2 colors. Colors can increase brand recognisation by upto 80%. I would also say color shows the personality of a brand in front of its customers.

How to Use Colors

See aftering reading about colors it is really important to choose the proper color for your brand. Some of the colors are mentioned below :


color can be associated with passion, aggression, power, love. We can also see use of red color in restaurant’s menu cards which eventually increases the hunger .


shows positivity, creativity, warmth, light, motivation. Yellow is a bright color which is quite catchy for viewer’s eyes.


is one of the most used color in brand creation and identity. Its is a cool colors which shows calmness, security, integrity, trustworthiness, dependability.


is synonymous with calm, freshness, health,wealth. Lightr shade of green is associated with serenity.


combines with the brightness of yellow with the boldness of red and makes a fun color that is full of life. This color shows vitality, playfulness, youthfulness.


color is used in multiple industries, shows cool temperatures, innovation and science. Its shows balance, calm, maturity, cold.


represents cleanliness and purity. It is often used in laundry industries. This color shows purity, softness, freshness, peace.


shows classic and sophistication. Black works best for the companies to promote luxury. It shows prestige, value, timelessness, formality and sophistication.
I read some interesting facts about colors


GREEN is believed to increase concentration.

BLUE conveys trust and reliability.

RED can make you hungry and is often used in restaurant’s menu.

YELLOW color can cause nausea.


I think after reading and understanding alot about colors , a color may have many different meanings. It isn’t the colors themselves but rather the meanings they symbolize based on our perceptions. Color choices are very important to the overall success of a brand. Choose your colors wisely.

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