What is Typography?

Typography is a style to write something. It’s actually everywhere we look at, in our everyday life, while surfing internet , while reading books even while you all are reading this ; its typography and ofcourse we do it all the time. What i feel is that typography is one of the most important element of designing , including the fact that it is a very vast subject matter. All you have to do is know a little for making bigger and better differences.

How to classify Typography?

According to my study and research we can classify typography into three major categories :

1. Serif

2. Sans Serif

3. Decorative Fonts

So some basic and common types of fonts are these three , mentioned above .

What you need to know about these fonts?

Serif fonts have little strokes which are known as Serif which are attached to the main part of the letter. Like we have Slab Serif , Basic Serif , Old style Serif and so on.

Sans serif fonts do not have that extra strokes , the name describe itself ‘Sans’ which means ‘without’. These can be condensed or narrow and can be light , regular , thick , extrathick.

Decorative fonts comes in many different styles . In these we have unlimited fonts. No strict rules are followed for decorative or fancy fonts. Some Famous types of decorative fonts includes brushed, script, cursive, fancy, etc.

Which font suits the best for your brand?

Ok so i think to explain it’s answer an example would work the best here. Let me show you some famous brands as an example. On the left side we have the existing typography and on the other side we have used fonts which are worst for these brands. Now, They will help you to understand why you should use a good and correct font for your brand. You can compare them and see the difference.


According to my knowledge it is really important for us to study about the typography. It plays a major role in designing. A right font will always help you to enhance your work. Think about what your brand is about and then pick up the font wisely. You can also use different fonts together. Do not use more fonts in one particular design but yes, you can always use fonts in different sizes, weight or style. Creating interesting combinations always works.

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